"My biggest concern with coaching was that I didn’t know how effective it would be. Tara helped me really narrow down my focus. Before, I felt all over the place. For someone working on their business - working with Tara is helpful for getting clarity on your path and getting encouragement on this thing you’re doing that can be kind of confusing."
Alicia DroverCopywriter

Business Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your business goals and achieve success.

Public Speaking

Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative partner in an empathetic and supported environment.

Career Analysis

Tara is a trusted and respected fellow business professional that will challenge, motivate, mentor, and inspire.

About Tara Stand

Tara started sticking her nose into other people’s businesses at the ripe old age of three when she could be found following her mom around her job as an activity coordinator at a nursing home or crawling around her dad’s 18-wheeler.  Now she uses her B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Black Belt in Innovation to help small and medium businesses jumpstart their growth.

She spent 10 years honing her practice with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership in NYC and has hosted and spoken at the Design for Manufacturing Summit, U.S. Dep. Of Commerce’s ExporTech, and the City of New York’s FastTrac program for small businesses.

When she’s not saving business owners from “Dutch boy” syndrome, she can be found drooling over vintage-style dresses or binge watching Shark Tank with her husband.


"I was all over the place with my business. Too many ideas, too many talents, offering too many services and spreading myself thin. Tara helps me stay on point. Our weekly sessions are amazing."
Vanita CyrilWebsite Designer
"I’d say that for someone who is wondering if they should use Tara, I’d tell them “That’s a solid bet”.
Kody CourtneyCourtney’s Custom Creations
"The tools Tara brought in really helped me see where things stop, where things could be better, for me, it really helped me see where I could be better for our employees and how we, as upper management could be better for the company."
Graziella, COO,David Flatt, inc.


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A complimentary meeting provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

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I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

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